Any person can get hair transplantation when afflicted by pattern baldness or planned to change their normal hairline for superior look.
In men, if you are facing patchy reduction in beard and moustache can experience this procedure. Including eyebrows hair loss or planned to modify their shape could consult with hair transplantation.
Yes, everyone can resume their job after a day however with certain precautions and heavy work are usually avoided.
No it doesn’t. You may have minimal pain for few days that could be solved by pain killers according to your physician.
As it is a minimally invasive procedure you may face mild swelling or post operative mild pain following the procedure. It doesn’t result in any major complications.
A surgeon qualified for performing this procedure should be MBBS, M.S. (General Surgery), M.Ch (Cosmetic Dentistry)

Hair transplantation isn’t simply a medical process; it also includes artistic skills of a physician which might be possible by mix of innovative mind and skilful handson. Following are the reasons listed below:

For successful results
For long term benefits as graft extraction Ought to Be done judiciously
For aesthetic and natural effects
For avoiding complications

No, Hair transplant may simply reposition your hair from 1 place to other that gives you fuller look in bald area.

Cost of hair transplant is dependent upon several factors. On a typical per graft cost is 25-130 INR which vary from clinic to clinic. Following are the factors responsible for cost of baldness:

Number of grafts harvested
Strategy used
Area of baldness
Experience and eligibility of physician
Standing of practice

The outcome of result also is determined by the experience of surgeon and decision making.
Primarily the hair lost can’t be regrown by almost any way not by hair transplant. Second, hair spa and hair packs may only help in dressing your hair before the result lasts for few days. They’ve no part in reducing hair fall or improving hair growth as hair once increased out of body is dead.
Hair loss can be attributed to multiple factors like genetic, hormonal and various environmental factors including pollution, humidity, temperature variations seasons, smoking, alcohol, sleep deprivation, lifestyle, anxiety, lack of nourishment in food, exposure to UV rays, constant air condition etc.. These factors contribute to dysfunction in cell cycle further resulting in baldness.
Stress causes hair loss because of formation of free radicals which could be rectified by intake of selected antioxidants. The results will be delivered in 2 months. Henceforth, yes anxiety induced hair loss may be restored.

Chlorine in water of swimming pool following absorption affects the pH of hair which causes dehydration and easy breakage of hair shaft. Following are the ways to decrease it:

Utilize a swimming cap
Apply coconut oil before getting into the pool
Rinse hair immediately after coming from the pool.
Utilize soft pH balanced shampoo.

Surplus cold and heat both are harmful for hair. It contributes to dehydration of hair.
Excessive heat can be harmful and cause dehydration and further harm to hair shaft. Mild steam opens the pores up for cleaning and temporary vasodilatation assisting in local absorption of representatives implemented on scalp. It is advised to pay hair with soaked towel while taking sauna.
Yes, vulnerability from sunlight for longer duration could lead to baldness and loss.
Working on ship could cause long working hours, sleep deprivation, desalinated water, lack of nutrition and humidity that may cause hair loss.
Modified cicardian rhythm, sleep deprivation and not as much water intake during night shifts can cause hair loss.
No, it is an optical illusion, anything shorter seems fatter. Shaving does not affect the amount and quality of hair. Hair loss continues the exact same even after shaving.

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